Carol McCauley and Hazel Gallier’s Story

Two cousins, two knee replacements… two happy patients.

“Hazel and I are cousins by marriage, and we’ve always been close friends,” says Carol McCauley. “Who’d have thought we’d end up at Lynchburg Health & Rehabilitation Center at the same time?” But when Carol McCauley & Hazel Gallier had knee replacement surgeries only a few weeks apart from each other, that’s exactly the situation they found themselves in.

“Being together in LifeWorks Rehab was a special experience for us,” says Hazel. “We were able to visit each other and do things together almost every day. Being close by and able to participate in each other’s recovery really helped keep us motivated.”

“It really felt like home with her there,” says Carol.

“Since Carol started her treatment before me, I had a chance to visit her and see for myself how she was doing,” says Hazel. “Everybody was so polite and made her feel so comfortable. It made me feel comfortable, too, seeing how well she was treated, and helped me know what to expect.”

“We were anxious to get back home of course,” Hazel and Carol agree, “but we truly enjoyed our stay. They helped us get to where we could go home by ourselves, and we couldn’t have done it without so many wonderful people working together with us.”